April 16, 2024

In the current political climate, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of interest in what celebrities make. We all want to know how much they make and to some extent, that’s fair enough. But what about journalists? Do they get paid as well? Kayleigh McEnany is an American journalist and commentator who currently works for Fox News. In 2017, she became a commentator on the network and her salary was revealed in 2018. At the time of writing, McEnany’s salary was $129,000 per year. This makes her one of the highest-paid journalists working today.

Kayleigh McEnany’s Career at Fox News

Kayleigh McEnany is a political commentator who works for Fox News. She started working for the network in February of 2017 as a contributor and later became a co-host of the show “The Five.” In 2018, she was promoted to the position of senior political analyst. Kayleigh has also appeared on other shows such as “Fox & Friends” and “Hannity.” Recently, she signed a new contract with Fox News that will keep her employed through 2021. Kayleigh McEnany’s salary at Fox News is not publicly disclosed, but she has been reported to make around $160,000 per year.

Kayleigh McEnany’s Net Worth

Kayleigh McEnany is an American political commentator, media personality and former press secretary to the President of the United States, Donald Trump. McEnany has appeared on Fox News Channel since November 2014 as a contributor and on its opinion programming, The Five and Hannity. She also appears on other Fox programs, including Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld. McEnany’s contract with Fox News runs through the 2020-21 season.

In 2017, Forbes listed McEnany’s net worth at $2 million. According to WhiteHouse.gov, she earned over $1 million from her work as a Trump spokesperson and pundit in 2017 alone.

Kayleigh McEnany’s Salary at Fox News

Kayleigh McEnany is a host for Fox News and is paid $135,000 per year.

Kayleigh McEnany’s Political Views

Kayleigh McEnany is an anchor and managing editor for Fox News. She joined the network in February of 2017 as a contributor and later became an anchor for “Fox & Friends First.” According to Salary.com, McEnany’s salary at Fox News is $155,000 per year. In her role as an anchor and managing editor, she primarily contributes to “Fox & Friends First,” but also appears on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” and “America’s Newsroom.”

Kayleigh McEnany’s Controversies

Kayleigh McEnany is an American television host and commentator who is a political commentator for Fox News. She previously worked as a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee and CNN. McEnany was born in 1982 in Houston, Texas. She earned a degree from Georgetown University in 2006, where she studied international relations and Spanish. In 2009, McEnany began her career as a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. From February 2016 to January 2017, she served as CNN’s national communications director.

In February 2018, McEnany joined Fox News as a political commentator. Her work at Fox has come under scrutiny for her history of inflammatory comments about Muslims and immigrants. In December 2017, she made a tweet disparaging Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) as “this stupid girl” after Ocasio-Cortez had won her congressional primary election against longtime incumbent Joe Crowley (D-NY). In February 2019, during an appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend, McEnany suggested that it was appropriate to compare imprisoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to George Washington because both men were “singing ‘Hallelujah’ while genocide took place”. And earlier this year she accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of wanting to launch a “civil war” in the United States over immigration policy

McEnany’s work at Fox News has come under scrutiny for her history of inflammatory comments about Muslims and immigrants

Kayleigh McEnany is a Fox News anchor

Kayleigh McEnany is a Fox News anchor. She currently hosts the “State of the Union” show and has also been featured on “Fox and Friends”, “Hannity”, and “The Five”. Kayleigh McEnany began her career at CNN as a political commentator. She then worked for the Bush White House before joining FOX News in 2009. Kayleigh McEnany reportedly makes an annual salary of $600,000.

Kayleigh McEnany’s salary

Kayleigh McEnany, who has been with Fox News since May 2017, reportedly earned $544,000 in 2018. That’s according to iWatch News, which obtained salary information from 21 of the largest U.S. cable news networks. McEnany’s salary put her in the top one percent of earners at Fox News.

Fox News and the MeToo Movement

Fox News is one of the most popular news networks in the United States. It was founded by media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 1996 and currently has around 2,000 employees.

In response to the MeToo movement, Fox News has made a number of changes to their policies and procedures. These changes include new sexual harassment training for their employees, a review of their hiring practices, and an overhaul of their reporting structure.

According to estimates, Kayleigh Mcenany makes around $200,000 per year at Fox News.

Kayleigh McEnany’s firing

According to a report from Politico, Kayleigh McEnany was fired by Fox News on Monday night following an altercation with co-workers. McEnany had been with the network since March of 2017, and she had been a contributor on “Fox and Friends”. She reportedly clashed with other staffers over her conservative views, and shortly after the incident, she was let go. McEnany is said to have made less than $200,000 at Fox News.


Kayleigh McEnany has been with Fox News since 2017 and currently serves as an anchor and correspondent for the network. She is also a former federal prosecutor and campaign manager for George W. Bush. Recently, there have been reports that she may be earning significantly less than her male colleagues at Fox News. As of 2019, Kayleigh McEnany was reportedly making $2 million per year while her co-anchor Shepard Smith was making $3 million per year. While it is unclear exactly how much McEnany is actually making, these figures suggest that she may be earning considerably less than her male colleagues at Fox News.

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