February 23, 2024

NetBase Quid delivers AI-powered consumer and market intelligence to enable business reinvention in a noisy and unpredictable world. Our proprietary software is based on data-driven, predictive analytics to help our clients in the marketing and advertising arena.

NetBase Quid can harness a broad range of market insights from multiple sources and distill actionable information that business leaders can easily understand and implement. All this comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring an analyst or consulting firm, giving our customers actual value for their investment.

NetBase Quid can harness

Our platform is excellent for understanding consumers by leveraging public data like surveys, demographic information, social media feeds, census reports, and geographic location data. We also leverage private sector insights such as Nielsen’s TV ratings or VIVA’s retail sales data. Drug launch manufacturing and distribution

We can also calculate the value of a consumer based on factors such as household income, population density, household size, and spending. We can interpret the data by linking it to other data sources like Target or Walmart, even if they don’t share that data. It allows us to see patterns or find “offers” not available to the public. And this is all driven by our proprietary algorithms, which identify relationships between data that no one else does.

NetBase Quid has amassed

NetBase Quid has amassed many proprietary data, including consumer survey responses and demographic data. We continually add to our database to offer the most comprehensive view of markets. Drug launch manufacturing and distribution

Data growth has created new questions that businesses must answer to remain competitive. For example, how do you track hundreds of thousands or millions of consumers? How do you understand the behavior of these consumers to enable better decision-making? How do you develop the insight necessary to break into new markets or target different types of consumers? And how do you know whether the insights generated are accurate and reliable?

NetBase Quid is building its business on a foundation that answers all these questions with a powerful combination: our AI-powered technology coupled with proprietary data sets. Our solution goes far beyond market research and gives clients predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

The company’s partnership with Nielsen

The company’s partnership with Nielsen, a global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, enables NetBase Quid to leverage all available Nielsen data, including demographic and psychographic profiles of the U.S. population as Nielsen TV ratings.

Beyond Nielsen’s data, NetBase Quid also leverages research from The Nielsen Company and VIVA, among others. We use the information to forecast future behavior, including geographic trends in TV viewership across demographics and broad market sectors.

Complementing our deep understanding of the marketplace is our ability to identify and isolate behavioral patterns in consumers and marketers. Our proprietary software automatically identifies patterns in data from multiple data sources that can be applied to satisfy customer needs in real time.

A unique aspect of NetBase Quid is our ability to track social media sentiment about a particular brand, person, or product over time. Drug launch manufacturing and distribution

The company’s proprietary software

The company’s proprietary software can track consumer sentiment, and it can do it across a variety of categories. That, in turn, will enable companies to determine which aspects of their marketing campaigns consumers like and those lacking. Our software can also help companies better determine when consumer sentiment is fluctuating, so they can act before their competition. 

Data has become an indispensable tool for marketers at both the retail and brand level because it offers insights into consumer behavior by providing information about specific groups (e.g., young adults who love Apple) or about the general population to retailers (e.g., an increase in spending on TV).
It is involved in designing efficient production and distribution infrastructure. But harnessing that data requires complex technology platforms that can analyze disparate data sources and make sense of them, even when the relationship between different datasets is obscure. It also requires sophisticated algorithms to digest data in relevant ways for specific business problems. 

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