April 19, 2024

Using the Deskflex application for scheduling, tracking, and energy management can help your business save time, money, and effort. The software allows you to keep track of reservations, open reservations, and schedules for your employees. The program’s Bluetooth beacons can also help you find employees and check in on their locations.


Using DeskFlex, businesses can quickly book and manage meeting rooms and other office space. It helps organizations cut overhead costs by enabling employees to easily reserve and manage their workspaces. It also accommodates mobile employees and helps them return to the office quickly.

DeskFlex is a comprehensive office space reservation system that includes a suite of tools and features to help businesses cut costs and improve employee productivity. It integrates with MS Outlook and MS Exchange Integration, making reserving space easy. It also works with Microsoft Active Directory and Office 365.

DeskFlex helps businesses maximize their space and cut costs by allowing employees to reserve desks, equipment, and parking spaces. It also helps businesses control the use of facilities, and allows higher-level management to create meetings and events.

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Whether you need to manage a classroom, an exam room, or a conference room, DeskFlex is a multipurpose scheduling solution that can help you maximize your resources. It also helps to cut costs.

DeskFlex is enterprise-level scheduling software. It helps businesses, colleges, and universities to meet their scheduling needs. The software helps to reduce costs and increases productivity. Its features are customizable, including the ability to manage multiple campuses. It also includes an effective tracking system. It helps you to track room usage and equipment, as well as analytics and reporting.

DeskFlex is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Active Directory, and MS Exchange. It also includes a free 30-day trial version. It also integrates with Google and Google calendars. Its features include point-and-click floor maps, a web browser, real-time calendar sharing, check-in, and check-out.

Energy management

Having a flexible desk space can make a big difference. It can allow your organization to find the best locations to maximize productivity, improve employee morale, and reduce costs. One way to achieve this is to use Deskflex.

DeskFlex is a software platform that helps you find the best possible space for your company. Its suite of enterprise-level software solutions makes it easy for you to maximize office space and reduce your company’s rent and energy costs.

The system integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, so you can rest assured your company’s information is secure. It also offers a desktop, mobile, and kiosk option, so you can manage your space from anywhere. You can book rooms ahead of your schedule, customize your availability preferences, and even schedule a personalized consultation. You can also access a 3D floor map and track your office’s resources.

Tracking system

Providing a comprehensive overview of your office space, the Deskflex Tracking system helps you make the most out of your facilities. Its easy-to-use, streamlined interface allows you to view available spaces, manage group rules, and make room reservations. You can also set up pre-stay automated messages, set capacity limits, and take payments.

The system uses Bluetooth beacons to automatically reserve space for customers. It also records check-in and check-out activities. You can also set up a system that automatically returns unused equipment.

Deskflex Tracking system is designed to help organizations improve employee productivity and cut costs. It can be used in schools, businesses, government institutions, and education facilities.

The company has launched a new contact tracing tool, which works with Bluetooth beacons. It can help contain outbreaks and monitor potential infections. It can also be used by school and company managers to isolate infected users.

Bluetooth beacons

Adding Deskflex Bluetooth beacons to your office can help you monitor employees, optimize office space, and increase productivity. Using these beacons, you can easily locate colleagues, notify cleaning personnel when equipment needs to be cleaned, and book meeting spaces in advance without having to leave the office.

Bluetooth beacons are small wireless transmitters that send a signal to nearby Bluetooth devices. They can be placed on mobile devices or attached to office equipment. These small devices are hardly noticeable when installed in an office environment.

DeskFlex Bluetooth beacons can help you track employees, monitor equipment, and enforce Social Distancing policies in the workplace. You can also use these beacons to keep track of reservations, no-shows, and canceled meetings.

In addition to the beacons, DeskFlex also offers a suite of other software features. It includes a contact tracing tool, an MS Outlook integration, a vaccinating system, and more. These features help you stay on top of employee activities, minimize double booking, and minimize costs.

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