February 27, 2024

Printed circuit assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing Company

APCT is an electronic assembly (PA) manufacturing company based in Santa Clara, California. It provides technology solutions for advanced circuit boards. Its products include HDI PCBs and rigid-flex PCBs. The company also provides packaging and testing services.

The company’s product and manufacturing capabilities have grown steadily since its inception in 1977. Today, it has facilities in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Southern China. It is also a participant in the global supply chain. The company is a leader in the quick-turn multilayer PCBs market.

Aside from its manufacturing capabilities, APCT has a well-earned reputation for superior quality. The company also offers several other benefits to its customers. These include a domestic manufacturing infrastructure, engineering support, and a one-stop solution for offshore PCB sourcing.

The company has a strong commitment to customer service. For instance, a customer can get a PCB manufactured in as little as three business days. Similarly, APCT’s engineering and design team routinely help design High-Density Interconnect products.

Another APCT claim to fame is its use of technologically advanced PCB manufacturing techniques. APCT has achieved the industry’s first higher layer count in through-hole technology. It also offers several other PCB technologies, including HDI, rigid-flex, and RF designs.

The company also has a state-of-the-art facility in Santa Clara, California, where its business is conducted. Its headquarters is located at 3495 De La Cruz Boulevard, Ste 95054.

The printed circuit board manufacturer

Choosing the right PCB manufacturer is crucial for the success of your product. The wrong choice can result in your program failing or the product failing to perform as expected.

It is important to select a PCB manufacturer with experience in delivering flexible PCBs. You must ensure that the PCB manufacturer has the necessary certifications.

A flexible PCB requires a skilled technician to develop it. You should also consider whether the manufacturer has a quality management system. Choosing a company that has a good quality management system will save you a lot of trouble.

A flexible PCB manufacturer should also have the capability to deliver the product within the required time frame. This can be a problem for smaller businesses. Luckily, the industry has advanced and now it is possible to produce small quantities at reasonable prices.

Many PCB manufacturers also have an online management portal for customers. This allows you to track your project progress and make changes. It can also be used to store bills of materials and design documents.

Advanced Circuits is one of the most reputable PCB manufacturers in the world. It has been in business for more than 25 years, and it continues to lead the industry with the highest quality standards.

Whether you need a PCB for a simple application or a complex design, Advanced Circuits can meet your needs. They also have a range of production capabilities to meet your small and large orders.

Business model

APCT is a PCB company that specializes in manufacturing quick-turn PCB prototypes. The company has a reputation for being a quality provider of circuit boards. It has facilities located in Japan, Southern China, and Southeast Asia. It also has an established global supply chain network.

APCT produces High-Density Interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards. The company also provides technology solutions for standard PCBs.

APCT has invested millions of dollars in equipment and personnel. It also has a reputation for providing great customer service. The company is active in the aerospace and defense industries. Its locations are located near the nation’s leading engineering innovation centers.

APCT’s quick turn model allows it to complete 20-plus layer boards in just 24 hours. Its facility operates at a pace that few competitors can match. It has invested in the industry’s first Maskless Lithography imaging line.

APCT has a detailed dashboard that enables management to see all the key metrics that it needs to support its growth. APCT’s primary revenue source came from two customers. It has also reinvested nearly $7 million in capital improvements over the past six years. It has an annual growth rate of more than 15%.

The company’s business model includes a subscription service. A subscription service is a business model that involves recurring payments for access to services. This can involve direct shipping, direct shipping through a third party, or a per-mile fee.

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