April 18, 2024

Wejo is a British start-up that collects data from connected vehicles. Its headquarters are in Greater Manchester, England. wejo com The company was founded by Richard Barlow, an entrepreneur. It has customers like Microsoft and Vehicle Movement. The company uses its data to improve vehicle safety. It also helps drivers improve their fuel economy.

Microsoft customer

Microsoft and Wejo have formed a strategic partnership to develop and deploy connected vehicle data. The partnership will help Wejo deliver a smarter, safer, and more cost-efficient driving experience. Together, the companies will develop a portfolio of data and intelligence solutions for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. In addition, the two companies will share a common commitment to privacy and security.

Microsoft and Wejo are committed to a long-term relationship. Their shared vision is to integrate Wejo with the Microsoft data platform, which is a comprehensive platform for data management, analytics, AI, machine learning, and data sharing. Microsoft’s newest platform for connected vehicles, Smart Cities, can help organizations reduce their costs and traffic congestion.

Vehicle Movement

The Vehicle Movement in Wejo project is a British startup that aims to provide transportation companies with real-time journey data from billions of vehicles. This information can help companies better understand traffic patterns and mobility trends. The data can also help companies avoid congestion hotspots and improve driver planning. Wejo’s mission is to revolutionize the way transportation works.

The data collected from Wejo is crowd-sourced from automotive OEMs and provides waypoints, associated timetimestamps, and other vehicle metrics. These metrics are reported in 1-3 second intervals with 6-digit precision. The data is also provided at lane-level precision. This means that it is possible to calculate the vehicle’s average speed, direction, and speed at lane-level.


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Wejo, a UK-based technology company, has announced a partnership with California-based data analytics company Databricks. This collaboration will provide Wejo with a comprehensive Unified Data Analytics Platform that will enable it to develop global mobility services. By partnering with Databricks, Wejo will be able to meet the growing data challenges of today’s car manufacturers and provide them with data-driven insights.

Wejo ingests streaming data from over 50 million connected cars and processes it every three seconds. However, harnessing insights from this massive data set can be a challenge due to its resource-intensive nature. The company’s unified data analytics platform enables data teams to innovate and deliver ML-powered innovations quickly and efficiently.

Wejo Group Limited

The Wejo Group Limited is a British start-up that is developing a new way to use connected vehicle data. It was founded by Richard Barlow and is headquartered in Greater Manchester, England. The company is focused on providing a secure and convenient way for drivers to store data on their vehicles. The Wejo Group’s products and services help drivers and their cars communicate with one another.

Its headquarters are in Manchester, UK, but it also has offices throughout the world.

Future of connected vehicles

Wejo is a global leader in connected vehicle data. It will be speaking at the Citi and Piper Sandler Global Technology Conferences on September 13 and 14. Wejo executives will talk about the mission of the company, how they collect and analyze data, and why their data is so valuable. The company is working with 17 OEMs to expand their connected vehicle fleets.

Wejo is a cloud and software analytics platform for connected vehicles. The company’s platform gathers vehicle data and analyzes it to provide actionable insights to businesses. These data can include traffic volume, traffic patterns, and weather impact.

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