October 2, 2022

Cricket is a game with multiple formats to suit the season and the teams. The long duration of test matches appears alongside the speedy T20 cricket matches. A lot has changed, from the dress of the players to the rules of the game according to a particular format. The improvement in the protective gear gives the players the security and freedom to face any ball. The change of rules to restrict the field powerplays make games decent and sober. The mindset has changed, too, due to the rapid growth of the T20 franchise. 

The introduction of the T20 format in cricket matches increased the pressure of performance on the cricketers. Moreover, today match live video free of cost compels the players to bring the best out of themselves. It is equally difficult for the batsman or the bowler to stick to the form dealing with the pressure of such limited-over cricket. It is remarkable that despite the changing scenario of international cricket, the masters of the game have not stopped giving us goosebumps with extraordinary feats. The batsman and the bowlers share equal credit for making this game interesting to the viewers. The number top wicket-takers in the history of T20 matches is crowded with the top performers who have crafted special niches for them. The following order of appearance is based on the number of wickets taken by them in T20 matches. You can also refer to t20 world cup news today, to learn more about your idols.

  1. Shakib-Al-Hasan

Among the masters of the wicket-taking universe, the name of the Bangladeshi all-rounder, Shakib-Al-Hasan, comes first. This wonderful bowler has played 99 games taking 121 wickets. He is one of the finest bowlers that Bangladesh has ever produced. Shakib’s consistency has earned him the top-most position among the Bangladeshi cricketers for the past 16 years. He marked his debut against Zimbabwe in 2006. Shakib was spotted as a gem while playing in village tournaments near Magura in Bangladesh. Shakib’s consistency has helped him to combat the challenges of his career. He proved to be an efficient captain while leading his team from the front. Despite remarkable performance in the 2011 World cup, Shakib was held responsible for the downfall of Bangladesh. He proved his critics wrong with a stunning performance for the Kolkata team in the 2011 Indian Premier League matches. 

  1. Tim Southee

The champion bowler of the New Zealand team, Tim Southee, takes the prestigious second position among this list of top-wicket takes in T20 cricket. Southee is a genius at mastering the art of bowling with the new ball. His signature style while dealing with the new ball is to take the ball away from the right-handers. Tim Southee started his journey into the world of international cricket in 2008 against England. He has to his credit 113 wickets from T20 matches. Tim is a right-arm swing bowler with a style of his own. His remarkable achievement is chiefly based upon his perfection in outswing and pace bowling. Tim showed his extreme adaptability to all forms of cricket. His insightful deliveries earned him a favor to lead his team as the captain in a T20 International in 2017. 

  1. Rashid Khan

Afghanistan’s star bowler, Rashid Khan, holds the third position on the list. Rashid has already bagged plenty of accolades for being the youngest player to create a sensation with the shortest format of the T20 matches. Rashid also has the best bowling average among all the leading bowlers of T20 cricket leagues. Rashid is the hot favorite player in the T20 seasons, and teams spend a lot of money to fulfil the demands of this fascinating performer. Since his debut in T20 in 2015 against Zimbabwe, Rashid has taken 109 wickets in just 64 matches. Rashid is a very dedicated player who devotes tremendous effort to make necessary additions to his art of bowling. Rashid combines leg breaks with googlies and uses that as a retaliatory weapon in T20 matches. Rashid baffles the batsman by using his wrist less than his fingers. His developing talents as an all-rounder have solidified his position as a team member in all foreign tours. 

  1. Lasith Malinga

Just behind the promising Rashid Khan is the fourth man in the T20 international cricket matches, the Sri Lankan powerful bowler, Lasith Malinga. He is one of the most aggressive bowlers in the T20 matches. His yorkers and slow balls are lethal enough to destroy the confidence of a batsman. Malinga’s dedication has solidified his position as a leading bowler of the Sri Lankan cricket team since his debut in a T20 match against England in 2006. Malinga’s 107 wickets in 84 matches are enough to justify the potential of his well-calculated deliveries. He also holds the credit for helping Sri Lanka wear the fabulous Crown of the finest team in the 2014 T20 World Cup. 

  1. Ish Sodhi

Ish Sodhi is the second bowler from New Zealand to grace the list of the top wicket-takers in the T20 matches. Sodhi’s 98 wickets from 75 matches allow him to stand tall among the bowlers of the T20 matches. This extremely talented bowler can change his tactics to baffle the batsman. His sudden loop variations, turning the ball to do the pace and adjusting the length of deliveries make the determination to face him weaker in the heart of the batsmen. His four wickets for 28 runs stand as the best achievement in the T20 matches. 

Bowling is a very detailed and intricate art. Only the masters of the art of bowling can explain how much effort goes into the wonderful feats that astonish the cricketing world. T20 has changed the way bowlers used to deliver their balls. Slower deliveries have replaced the yorkers, outswings, bouncers and inswings of the test cricketers. Now the most dangerous weapons of the bowlers in the T20 franchise are knuckleballs and cutters. The bowlers have embraced all forms of cricket to perfect their craft and create ever-lasting places in the history of cricket. The top wicket-takers in T20 cricket, as listed above, have excelled in their performances after facing numerous challenges in their careers. Their brilliant contributions stand tall as records which cannot be obliterated.

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