February 21, 2024

Born in Camden, London, England, Louisa Babi is a rising star in the acting world. She is best known for her role as Lucy in the television series “East Enders.” She began her acting career on “The View” and has since appeared in several movies and television series. She has also performed in musicals.

Louisa Babi is an English actress

Louisa Babi was born in Camden, England. She was an aspiring actress when she met actor Ben Bhanvra. They later got married and had a daughter, Aura Olivia Bhanvra. The couple were married on August 30, 2021. They have been very active in social media since their pregnancy announcement.

The actress gave birth to a daughter on August 30th, 2021. Her fans have been eagerly awaiting to know the baby’s name. Louisa Lytton and her fiance Ben Bhanvra chose the baby’s name. The couple decided to call their daughter Aura Olivia. The new mother chose the middle name to honor the name of her late mother.

She appeared on Loose Women

The EastEnders star has announced that she’s pregnant! She is expecting her first child with her partner Ben Bhanvra. The couple met through a mutual friend and got engaged in September. They announced their pregnancy on Mother’s Day. The couple plans to have a child together and have another one in the future. The couple hasn’t revealed their plans to get married yet, but it looks like they will be getting married soon.

The actress was born in Camden, London. She has also starred in several movies, including the critically acclaimed American Pie. As a mother, her fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of her new baby girl’s name. Until now, she and her husband haven’t shared any pictures of their new addition online, but the actress has shared a snap of her family on her official Instagram account. Fans quickly began sharing the picture on social media.

She dated Ben Bhanvra

Louisa Babi Sobre was born in Camden, England and is an aspiring actor. She met her husband, Ben Bhanvra, through a dating website. They decided to get married, but the wedding was delayed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, they had a child together, a daughter named Aura. Although they haven’t announced the baby’s name, Louisa Babi’s fans have been eagerly awaiting the news.

On August 30, Louisa Babi gave birth to a baby girl. She and Ben Bhanvra haven’t released pictures of their new daughter. The couple already has two older children and a younger one. The baby is named after her parents’ middle name and her mother’s first name. She is now a mother to a baby girl named Aura Olivia Bhanvra.

She gave birth to a daughter in 2021

EastEnders actress Louisa Lytton, known for playing the role of Ruby Allen, has welcomed a baby girl. She gave birth to Aura Olivia Bhanvra on 30 August 2021. The new mum has over 259,000 followers on Instagram.

Louisa and Ben first got engaged in 2019, but the pandemic forced them to postpone their wedding plans. They have since kept their fans updated with their pregnancy and parenting journey. She announced that she was pregnant in March, sharing a sweet video.

Her middle name is Olivia

Louisa Lytton gave birth to a baby girl on August 30, 2021. Fans were eager to learn the name of the baby. The couple chose to name their daughter Aura Olivia Bhanvra after Louisa’s middle name. The baby’s first name and middle name came from Louisa’s family, while her last name is derived from her father’s family name.

The actress, who starred in EastEnders, gave birth to a baby girl on August 30, 2021. Since the couple’s announcement, fans have been awaiting the baby’s name. The baby’s name was not made public until August 30, but a snapshot of the family was posted on the couple’s official Instagram account. It was quickly shared around the Internet.

Her daughter’s name has become popular on social media

The social media world is buzzing about the new arrival of Louisa Babi. She gave birth to a baby girl on August 30, 2021, and fans have been waiting anxiously to learn the child’s name. The birth announcement was made on Louisa Lytton’s official Instagram page, where the family photo became viral. The name is a combination of the couple’s first names and middle names. The child’s surname, on the other hand, comes from her father’s family.

Louisa Babi was born in Camden, London. Her parents met on a dating website and decided to marry. However, their wedding was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, Louisa Babi and Ben Bhanvra welcomed a daughter named Aura.

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