May 23, 2024

Cat hair and fur are used interchangeably; however, the question is, are there any differences between the two or do they share the same meaning? Mammals are characterized by their hair; whether it is humans, giant whales, elephants, monkeys, pigs, dogs, cats, etc., all of them have hair. However, its look, feel, and purpose differs across species.

In contrast, fur is the term used to describe some mammals’ thick body hair. Humans and some mammal breeds have sparse hair; nevertheless, some well-known hairless breeds also exist. So, technically, one can consider “hair” as individual strands and “fur” as a collection of hair when it comes to furry pets. Also, “shorthair”, “longhair”, and “coat” are a few standard terms breeders use to explain the overall appearance of cat hair.

A pet owner either combs a furry feline’s hair or brushes its fur. Along the same lines, these adorable fluffy babies are called “fur babies”, “fur balls”, “fur kids”, etc. And “hairball” is a term used to describe a kitty cat swallowing a ball of hair while grooming itself or its babies. Talking about hairballs, they can cause gastrointestinal obstructions, vomits, abdominal pain, and other health issues that can prove fatal if not resolved asap.

It can be very well called a cat emergency and requires the timely intervention of the vet. With cheap cat insurance, feline pet owners need not worry about their munchkin’s testing, treatment, and medications during non-routine vet visits. Kitten insurance in NZ also covers a fluffy fur ball’s medical care during accidents, injuries, particular illnesses, dental conditions, health emergencies, and much more, depending on the level of cover chosen.

Cat owners must consider purchasing a cat policy so providing their furry companion superior medical care doesn’t have to be a financially taxing affair. At the same time, they can read this article to learn about the general classification of cat hair and coats.


Cat’s whiskers are long and thick tactile hair that emerges from the muzzle and cheek sides, back of its forelegs on the undersides of its wrists. The facial and carpal whiskers help the kitty size up spaces, detect things, climb trees, and hunt prey. These hairs are highly sensitive and have a scent-sensing feature that enables a cat to navigate through places.


These are sparse and delicate hair found on some mammals like the sphynx cat breed. Humans also have vellus on most parts of their bodies.

3.Awn hairs

The basic cat coat is composed of this type of hair. In some cat breeds, the fine awn hair is shorter than guard hair; in others, it can be the same length as that of guard hair.

4.Guard hairs

This hair type is comparatively long, sturdy, and extends out of the base coat composed of awn hairs. These hairs determine the main color of a kitty cat’s fur. Also, this hair aids in repelling water and keeps a kitty’s coat dry.


This is also known as “Down”. The undercoat comprises soft, fluffy hair that helps retain heat. Also, irregular grooming can cause matting of the undercoat in a feline fur baby.

Cat owners must know that not paying attention to their munchkin’s skin and coat health can lead to the formation of dander. Cats with thick and long coats are more vulnerable to such issues, which is why they should take their fur ball to the vet to get them timely medical assistance to avoid chronic health issues.

Kitten insurance NZ helps support a furry feline with quality healthcare during allergies, infections, and many other unanticipated health circumstances. Consider purchasing cheap cat insurance so your kitty cat can avail basic health benefits in the least.

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