February 22, 2024

Where to buy PS5: There are plenty of places you can buy your new console, but you’re probably wondering where to buy one that’s affordable and still functional. Here are a few suggestions. I’ve also included retailers such as Argos, Target, GameStop, and StockX in this guide. These stores often offer good deals on a variety of different games, and you can use them to find the best one for your needs.


If you’re looking for where to buy a PlayStation 5 console, you might have come to the right place. As the retail giant announced that it’ll sell PlayStation 5 consoles in a few days, the UK has been on the waitlist for months. But, there is hope, as Argos’ stock will soon begin to restock. The retailer’s stock checker predicts that Argos will delay the launch of the PlayStation 5 console until this week, or possibly early next week.

Unlike many other retail outlets, the PlayStation 5 has been a popular product since it was first released. However, this hasn’t meant that Argos will always have the consoles in stock. Argos has been known to restock their stock on a weekly basis, and the latest announcement comes just a day after Argos’ last PS5 restocked. You can therefore expect an Argos restock this week.


The PlayStation 5 is back in stock at Target, which is good news for consumers. The PlayStation 5 console was sold out early Monday, but the retail giant restocked its shelves early on Monday. This was the largest restock of the console since the new year, and retailers like GameStop, Walmart and Amazon are expected to follow suit. The chip shortage will likely continue throughout the year, so it is still worth comparing prices online.

It is not known if the restocked PS5 console will be in stock on Friday, but the retailer has dropped PS5 prices a few times over the past few weeks. Target usually drops the PS5 between 6am and 9am ET. However, some stores are now reporting the PS5 being back in stock on Friday. This means you may have to wait until late Friday morning to get your hands on one of the latest consoles.


If you’re looking to buy a PlayStation 5 but are unsure where to get one, restocking your system at GameStop is the best option. The largest gaming retailer has recently restocked PS5 bundles in select stores. It’s worth noting that the PS5’s inventory policy has changed to one that expires in 2021. While most stores have sold out of the console, GameStop has been able to maintain a higher level of stock for customers, which means restocking their shelves.

The restocking will take place on June 24, but not all locations are participating. GameStop will sell the PS5 only to PowerUp Rewards Pro members. That’s another change from past years, but it makes sense. The PS5 is likely to be extremely popular and the restock will coincide with GameStop’s sale. In addition to its PS5 bundles, the retail giant is also planning a PS5 “pro day” sale on Friday.


If you’re looking to sell your PS5 for cash, you’re in luck. StockX buys PlayStations and sells them for a profit. They have hundreds of items to sell, from video games to high-end tech brands, including Apple, Rolex, and Versace. They even sell watches, from Rolex to Omega. You can even get a discount if you buy it from an online retailer such as Walmart, which has an in-store store that sells luxury brands.

When it comes to resale, a PS5 has a relatively low cost, but the market for resale is still pretty competitive. In November alone, StockX resold more than 83,000 disc versions and 55,000 digital ones in the United States, netting over $60 million. Some PS5 consoles were even selling for $1,700 on launch day, although most scalper prices are closer to seven hundred dollars. And don’t forget, the retail price for the disc version is about $500.

Sony Direct

The PlayStation 5 restock happened today on PlayStation Direct. The online PlayStation store had sold out before the public could access it. Usually the store restocks two hours before it opens to the public. But this time around the restock started at 12 p.m. PT. That’s a little earlier than usual, but still, the PlayStation 5 is not out of stock yet. You can check out the PlayStation 5 on Sony Direct by clicking on the “Restock Now” link.

The email will instruct you to click on the “Access event” button at 11am PT (2pm ET) on a certain date. Usually, this invitation will land in your inbox late afternoon on the day before the restock date. Unfortunately, you won’t get much notice for the restock. The Sony Direct website will send the invites in late afternoon on the day before the restock, but it’s worth checking it out anyway.

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