February 27, 2024

Matric is the serious stage of life for students in which they should work hard day and night to get admission in different colleges of their choice to continue their educational career. Matriculation is the basic stage of a student’s educational career. All the students work hard to get more and more marks in this field with full concentration day and night. Matriculation is done by students in different groups which include science and arts. Students give matriculation exams as private candidates and regular candidates through different schools and institutes. This Year 10th class result 2022 is announced in August. In Punjab there are 9 boards which takes the examination of Matric after the announcement of Matric Date sheet.

Most the students get nervous while thinking about matriculation exams as they do not know the paper pattern mostly this is the reason and in addition to this they also think that which type of questions will appear in the exams will they from the course they have studied or out of syllabus. In this article we will tell you about all the paper pattern regarding Punjab boards.

PAPER PATTERN:The paper pattern of Punjab boards is discussed below briefly.

Lahore board 10th class Result 2022 check by roll no

TIMING:There are two timings for exams one is morning and other is evening.

QUESTION PAPER: The question paper is given to the candidates at the given time as per mentioned on the candidates roll number slip issued to him by board.

FILLING OF QUESTION PAPER: First of all the candidate should fill all the required columns in the question paper as per instructed by the invigilator there. The instructions are also written on the question paper the candidate may read the instructions from question paper and follow them or listen to the invigilator carefully.

GROUPS: There are two groups in the paper one is multiple choice questions and the other one is subjective part. Multiple choice questions (MCQS) are given to the candidates before subjective paper which are taken from him after the mentioned time as mentioned on the question paper while the subjective part of paper is given to the candidate as soon as the invigilator takes the multiple choice questions (MCQS) paper from him.

MARKS: All the multiple choice questions (MCQS) carry equal marks that are 1 mark for each right answer while in case of subjective part each question has different marks which are mentioned in front of that question. Students can easily check the marks of a question and write the answer according to marks.


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