February 20, 2024

Scammers have made use of the internet and online websites to scam people out of their money, or even lead them into fake relationships to benefit financially from them. Online dating websites have become a top site for these scammers to do their work and con people who are open and vulnerable to making new relationships. 

How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer 

I came across this insightful website by the name of Chargeback Way and they educated me on the dos and don’ts of an online scammer. There are a few red flags that you can notice to help you spot a potential scammer. These are easy to spot if you pay attention.  A potential scammer could:  

  • Suggest to rather have the conversation on a much more private site such as WhatsApp, or even wanting your personal number to contact you outside of the dating app immediately after contacting you. They can even suggest you use another site which they want by providing you a link to join or download. 
  • Make plans to see you but never show up, or always cancel on the day before having to meet up with some great excuses as to why they cannot see you. They can even go as far as to ask you to send them money so that they can see you. 
  • Their profile has limited information and also very few pictures, mostly low resolution. 
  • They request money from you or ask for financial assistance with a huge problem such as having gambling debt. 
  • The person claims to love you very early in the conversation without getting to know you first. 
  • Avoid all means of video calls, or sending pictures of themselves by using excuses such as the camera on their cell phone is broken. 

These are all tell-tale signs that one can use to spot a scammer. 

How to Avoid an Online Dating Scammer 

Here are a few tips on how you can avoid an online dating scammer when you’ve figured out what their true intentions are. 

  • Do not speak to them outside of the dating app immediately. 
  • Pay close attention to how they run the conversation and what they always end up coming back to – money, assistance. 
  • If someone does ask for your help, refer them to proper facilities or people who are able to help with their problems. 
  • Google people who match with you on these dating sites, just to be sure that they are who they portray to be on these sites. 
  • Don’t give out too much personal information in the beginning.  
  • Report people who could seem like scammers to avoid having to speak to them on the dating website. 

Get Help if You Have Fallen Prey to An Online Dating Scammer 

People who have been scammed can now contact Chargeback Way, this online platform that helps people recover money when scammed on dating sites, or other sites on the internet. All you need to do is to simply visit the website, https://chargebackway.com, fill in a form and submit your request to get assistance in getting your money back.  

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