May 23, 2024

As we all know, this upgraded edition of the Routing & Switching track includes a new written test known as ENCOR as well as a lab exam known as CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Version 1.0. Both of these exams are required for certification.

Due to these forthcoming changes, Cisco has simplified its certification pathways, and you may take your career to the next level by using this new learning portfolio.

However, we have some questions! For example, what will be the scope of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training, what employment opportunities, compensation package, and career opportunities will be available to you after completing this certification program.

So, here we have all you need to know about the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification and its application in India all in one place.

Following successful completion of the ENCOR and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0 Exam

You will get a specialist certification after passing the ENCOR exam, which confirms your ability to create enterprise solutions utilizing fundamental enterprise infrastructure technologies. Passing the hands-on lab test, on the other hand, grants you the ability to manage corporate networks in their entirety, from planning and implementing to running and optimizing.

A CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certified Professional performs a variety of tasks.

Technology skills such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and programmability have been introduced to the Cisco CCIE curriculum in order to capitalize on the greatest number of career prospects while also meeting the demands of today’s technology and organizational requirements by Sprintzeal.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure meets the enormous need for skill sets and knowledge that networking professionals have in order to program and automate networks and ascend to the position of Network Leader. The following are the top employment positions available in India for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certified Professionals:

  • Network Engineer/Administrator 
  • Sr. Network Specialist 
  • IT Manager 
  • Network Planer 
  • Network Architect
  • Technical Subject Matter Expert
  • IT Consultants

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification has a wide range of applications.

Cisco has recently increased the scope of CCIE Certifications, particularly in terms of career chances in nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

Some of the advantages of being a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certified Professional today include

  1. The ability to combine your technical skills with automation will enable you to position your firm for digital transformation.
  2. Unlock career opportunities as Network Engineers or Developers and establish yourself as a sought-after professional for today, tomorrow, and the future.
  3. There will be an increase in job chances for software engineers who have a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification in the networking industry.
  4. The fourth advantage is that you will be able to serve at the critical intersections of digital solutions in information technology businesses.
  5. Network automation and programming will account for 70% of all IT organization’s efforts in the next several years, with the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification serving as the primary driver of demand.

Increase in salary and benefits

Professionals holding the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification are expected to be among the highest-paid information technology professionals in the world in the future. Even as a new graduate, they will always get more compensation than other technical workers.

The Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training and Certification will close the skills gap that exists between professionals and IT needs, allowing network enthusiasts to enhance their professional careers.

It is no surprise that Network Bulls, one of the most prestigious Cisco Networking Training Institutes in the world, has updated its CCIE certification programs as quickly as possible to ensure that students can keep up with the rapid changes in the networking and programmability technology landscape.

Students will get 100 percent hands-on training in our world-class Cisco Networking Instruction Labs and highly equipped classrooms, where a pool of Cisco Certified Trainers will give them with up-to-date, practical training on the latest Cisco networking technologies. As a result of receiving proper CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Version 1.0 training, people have the knowledge and confidence to find their position in digitizing enterprises.

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