February 19, 2024

Wongcw.com has requested 84 resources from your browser. To improve the load time, you should combine CSS files and JavaScript files into a single one. This will reduce the number of assets requested by 40:1 and 9:1. Using fewer resources is important to keep your page loading speed as fast as possible. Listed below are some techniques to speed up Wongcw.com: Reduce the number of resources requested by your browser by 60%

Image size optimization

If you’re looking for the best solution for optimizing your website images, you’ve come to the right place. Image size optimization is essential for faster website loading times and improved user experience. Moreover, image file size has a direct impact on website performance and bottom line. Images take up disk space and bandwidth on your website, and most hosting providers enforce bandwidth limits. If you exceed the bandwidth limit, you’ll face overage fees and your website might even be shut down.

Images should be under 1 or 2 MB, or a good compromise between file size and compression. When optimizing image size, use an optimized quality. Images with over 8000 x 6000 pixels are unusable for web purposes, while 125KB images are perfect. It’s best to find a happy medium between file size and compression rate, preferably 65 to 75 percent. It’s not a simple task, but image size optimization can help you achieve the goal.


If you’re looking to speed up your site, you should make all your CSS and JavaScript files smaller. Combined, these two files can reduce requests by 40 to one and nine to one, respectively. Merging these two files can speed up your site and make it easier for your visitors to view it. If you want to reduce the number of requests, combine all your CSS and JavaScript files into a single file.


It takes a lot of time to perform manual inventori barang. In this case, we can try implementing the AJAX technology. The system is built with PHP and MySQL. In this way, we can reduce the amount of resources required to process each request. As a result, the web page will load faster. Also, we can decrease the amount of bandwidth required by using AJAX. So, why should we use AJAX technology?

AJAX is a technique that enables web pages to be updated asynchronously. It works by exchanging data between the web server and browser behind the scenes. This method of web development allows you to update certain parts of a web page without refreshing the whole page. It allows you to see the latest updates without refreshing the page every time. You can experience the best results with AJAX on wongcw.com.

Image requests to render the main page of wongcw.com

When you view the main page of wongcw.com on your iPhone, you’ll see an image with a cute puppy on it. The original image, stored in S3, is 4000×3000 pixels – far too large for an iPhone with a 1080×1920 display. To get around this problem, website owners set up their images with the w=300 parameter, which tells your browser to only request images that have recently been uploaded.

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