April 16, 2024

Have you ever fumbled with finding the perfect gift? Trust me; we’ve all been there. But you should still be optimistic and channel that positive energy within you. You’re lucky because Karma and Luck might just have what you need: earrings but with a twist. These are not just accessories but are known as manifestation earrings. This article includes some of the most beautiful manifestation earrings for you to give to your loved ones. 

Gradual Enlightenment Earrings

From its original price of $69.00, the gradual enlightenment earring is now only $41. It’s a relatively classic pair of earrings with a hint of modernism. The lotus charm and zircon stones in the gradual enlightenment earrings crafted with 18K gold brass and sterling silver hooks make this exquisite pair of earrings a must-have!

Crystals for Healers 

All of the chakras are linked to zircon. Crystal healers utilize it to treat physical and emotional illnesses. Reduces fevers, soothes pains, and relieves stomach cramps, asthma, lung issues, and menstruation pains, among other things. Deep in the mud, far from the sun, the Lotus Flower can be found. It symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth. 

What Makes This the Perfect Gift?   

The gradual enlightenment manifestation earrings make the perfect gift. Why? It has numerous benefits to the body and soul of the wearer, enabling the wearer to rise above difficult times. 

Soothing Remedy – Gold Plated Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

The soothing remedy is a dainty pair of purple and evil-eye pointed earrings that retail for only $89. It has a 1.3 mm pointed amethyst gemstone. The bad eye charm has been added to aid this modern yet unique piece. Handmade in Bangkok, Thailand, with impeccable quality in 925 sterling silver and 18K gold plating, the soothing remedy is a must-have to boost your jewelry game!

Maximum Protection for a Loved One 

Amethyst is a protective gemstone that can help you cope with stress and anxiety, along with the problems that come with it, such as headaches, fatigue, and anxiety. It also improves your skin’s appearance and promotes cell regeneration.

Legends and myths surrounding amethysts abound, including one about mental health. A giant named Rhea handed the God of wine, Dionysus, and amethyst to help him keep his sanity in Greek mythology. The evil eye charm helps deflect negative energies and shields you against them. 

What Makes This the Perfect Gift

If you know of someone with a fetish for the color purple or who likes statement pieces, this is the perfect pair of manifestation earrings. This soothing remedy eye candy is the ideal gift for a loved one who you wish to be protected and who wants to be relieved of stress.  

Divine Understanding – Gold Plated OM Symbol Earrings

If divinity is a pair of earrings, this would be a pair of earrings. The Divine understanding is a beautiful pair of dangling manifestation earrings. It retails at only $35. This is too good to no avail! The OM symbol reflects serenity. Handmade in Bali, the divine understanding is 18K-gold plated with sterling silver. 

Om – Greatest of All Mantra’s 

Om is a sacred syllable regarded as the greatest of all mantras, or sacred formulas, in Hinduism and other religions, particularly in India. The three sounds a-u-m stand for the three worlds of earth, atmosphere, and heaven; thought, speech, and action; matter, goodness, passion, and darkness; and the three sacred Vedic books Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Samaveda. As a result, the word om has come to symbolize the essence of the entire cosmos mystically.

What Makes This the Perfect Gift

What makes the divine understanding so unique and the ideal gift is the beautiful OM symbol incorporated in it and all that it reflects. If you know someone who likes mantras and spirituality, then this pair of manifestation earrings is for them. 

Sacred Sound – Gold Om Crystal Quartz Earrings

The sacred sounds – gold OM crystal quartz retails at only $59. Handmade in Bali, Indonesia, 18K gold plated brass earrings made in 925 sterling silver have the dominating, authentic gemstone “clear Quartz.” Clear Quartz is an excellent stone for manifestation, clarity, and focus. 

Powerful & Versatile 

Clear Quartz is a mineral that is found in nature. Clear Quartz, sometimes known as the “Master Healer,” is a powerful and versatile stone. It absorbs frequencies quickly and amplifies magical intentions, making it ideal for healing or raising positive energies.

Om chanting is a spiritual practice that includes all conceivable definitions and interpretations of God, or Brahma, and transcends culture and religion.

What Makes This the Perfect Gift

The sacred sound manifestation earrings are one of a kind. Unlike your standard pair of earrings, this one has an added flare. The OM charm makes this pair unique, and the dangling rose quartz keeps it modern making it the perfect gift for a loved one. 

Divine Enlightenment – Lotus Travel Jewelry Case

The spiritual enlightenment lotus travel jewelry bag is a gorgeous camel brown zip case handcrafted in eco-leather. It has a lotus blossom on top, which symbolizes purity and joy. The karma and luck branding on the top of the lotus travel jewelry case adds to its appeal. It includes a slot for five necklace hooks with pockets and a place for earring and ring storage.  Its only for $49!

Store in Style 

Simply speaking, eco-leather refers to any leather substitute that is not derived from animals. The majority of eco-leather is made of vinyl or plant-based materials. UV radiation is less likely to cause eco-leather to crack, peel, discolor, or fade. It will not become brittle or breakable when exposed to the elements, as plastic products sometimes do.

What Makes This the Perfect Gift

When it comes to storage space of any kind, women can never have enough of it! The lotus travel jewelry case is the ideal gift for a loved one. You can even add a jewelry item from the above list for your loved one to store in their new travel case. Giving your loved ones this as a gift will show them how much you care for them and how helpful you can be to them. 

Get A Gift They Will Remember & Cherrish

Everyone should incorporate manifestation gemstones in their daily wear due to their countless benefits. That is why manifestation earrings make the best gift for a particular person in your life. “Karma and luck” has multiple designs, colors, and gemstones to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Fill your carts with manifestation earrings for your loved ones, and while you’re at it, who knows, you might find something worth splurging on. 

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