April 19, 2024

Ponytails are essential as most of the time when we do not have any idea about other hairstyles, we go for ponytails. You can make one ponytail, two ponytail, three ponytails or however many you like depending on your hair volume. They look great with jeans and a top, with a dress, with a skirt and any outfit you can think of, goes best with the ponytails. I, myself, love ponytails extremely to the point where I love to wear them with almost every hairstyle that I have but there is an issue. I unluckily have thin hair which means a dead ponytail without any volume, bounce or shine to the hair.

This is something that always stopped me from making any real hairstyles or even a sports style high ponytail. Luckily, I had a friend who recommended the solution to all my problems. She suggested that I should at least once use the JuvaBun ponytail hair extension and then I took her advice. I bought a single JuvaBun ponytail hair extension and it was a game changer for me as it completed my look within seconds and gave my ponytail a new style and life. There were many colors to select from and I went with the one similar to my hair shade and when I wore it for the first time, it matched my natural hair perfectly. So, I would love to guide you all on how you can do a fuller, smooth and bouncy ponytail and do not have to ever worry about a bad hair day again. So, here is how you can do a ponytail without any issues if you use a JuvaBun ponytail extension.

How Do You Do A Fuller Ponytail

You just need a few seconds to put on these wonderful JuvaBun hair extensions and three simple actions that will make it extremely easy for you to do so. Using these extensions does not harm your hair and even gives you the wonderful hair and volume you need to create outstanding hairstyles. So, let’s go over the processes and how you may utilize them to cut down on your time and get the perfect hairstyle in time.

Step 1: Collect and Set

In this phase, use hair brushes and any sort of comb you have. To prepare your natural hair for the hairdo, wash it first. Simply wash and condition your hair. Apply after-wash products to your natural hair to add shine and make it seem silky and smooth. If you want to do a JuvaBun ponytail, gather all of your dried out and prepped hair and use a hair brush to eliminate any knots. Then pull your hair up in a ponytail or a bun. Then, if you wish, you can always remove your front baby hair or leave them alone by just setting them with some hair gel and hair care products. After tying your hair up, go to the following stage, which involves connecting the JuvaBun hair extensions to your natural hair.

Step 2: Attach the JuvaBun Hair Extension

In this stage, you must secure the hair extensions. You can choose from any of the available styles and colors. Once you’ve chosen the JuvaBun ponytail hair extension you want, just take it and clip it in if it’s a claw clip ponytail extension. Place them where you want to connect your claw clip ponytail, and then release the claws so they may claw on your natural hair. Spraying some hair spray before connecting the claw clip to your naturally created pony or bun can help it remain in place for a longer period of time. Once the claw clip is in place, tighten it slightly by squeezing the claws on your head together so that it remains in place and you have your hairdo for the day. Then go to the following step to complete your hairdo.

Step 3: Finalize the Look

It is very simple to style and set these claw clip curly hair extensions. All you have to do is acquire a setting spray and spritz it all over your hair to tame the wild fray ends. Then, if you want to arrange your ponytail or bun, you may add accessories and other styles to your hair to achieve the perfect evening hairdo. There are a variety of colors available in these claw clip curly hair extensions, including ombré hair effects, blue colors, shades of black, and much more, to complement your natural hair and make it all seem unique and natural.

So, this is how you can easily use the JuvaBun hair extensions and get your desired ponytail in the perfect shade with the perfect color and a perfect bounce for any upcoming event. I got help from my friend; you can also get help after reading this and get the perfect hairstyle in seconds. Wearing the JuvaBun ponytail hair extension is the best thing as they do not look different and are quite easy to wear. So, pretty ladies, what are you thinking about? Get your JuvaBun ponytail hair extensions before they are sold out and you can never get a good ponytail.

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